SAS: Self-Augmentation Strategy for Language Model Pre-training

This repository contains the official pytorch implementation for the paper “SAS: Self-Augmentation Strategy for Language Model Pre-training” based on Huggingface transformers version 4.3.0.

Only the SAS without the disentangled attention mechanism is released for now. To be updated.


File structure

  • The file for pre-training.
  • The file for finetuning.
  • models
    • The main algorithm for the SAS.
    • It is inherited from Huggingface transformers. It is mainly modified for data processing.
  • utils: It includes all the utilities.
    • It includes the details about self-augmentations.
  • The rest of codes are supportive.

How to

Download and Install

  • Clone this repository.
  • Download dataset for wiki-corpus. Store it to data folder. Currently, we only provide a trail data with 1 million sentence. Full dataset can be pre-processed according to BERT. Detail to be released.
  • (Optional) Create an environment through conda by the provided environment.yml
    • You can also manually install the package:
      • Python==3.9, pytorch==1.10.0, transformers==4.3.0, etc.

    # Clone package
    git clone [email protected]:fei960922/SAS-Self-Augmentation-Strategy.git
    cd SAS-Self-Augmentation-Strategy

    # Establish the environment.
    conda env create -f environment.yml 
    conda activate cssl

    # Download dataset and checkpoint

Train from stractch

    # Run default setting 
    bash script/

    # Run custom setting

    # Starting from checkpoint 
    python --start_from_checkpoint 1 --pretrain_path {PATH_TH_CHECKPOINT}

Caclulate GLUE scores

    # By running this bash, GLUE dataset will be automatically downloaded.
    bash MNLI 0 sas-base output_dir 5e-5 32 4 42
    bash MNLI 0 sas-small output_dir 1e-4 32 4 42


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