Searches a document for hash tags. Supports multiple natural languages. Works in various contexts.

This package uses a non-regex approach and supports both halfwidth and fullwidth alphanumeric characters as well as various writing systems.


pip install ht-getter


def get_hash_tags(source, mode = “strings”)


source -> The source text to be searched. Must be passed as a str type.

mode -> Specifies the mode of the results. The default value is “strings”

mode = “strings” -> The results are returned as a list of strings

mode = “indices” -> The results are returned as a list of lists of the start and end indices of the hash tags.

Code Sample

from ht_getter.getter import get_hash_tags

source_text = '''This simple package helps find you find #hash_tags in various types of #documents#. It also works with other languages like #日本語 or #한국어.
It supports #fullwidth #alpha-numeric characters. You can get a #list of the #hash_tags or a list of their #indices in the #####source_text."

hash_tags = get_hash_tags(source_text)
hash_tag_indices = get_hash_tags(source_text, mode = "indices")


Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. This package can be used in various contexts. (Social media, news articles, etc.)
  2. This package looks for substrings that have the structure of a hash tag but does not check that the substring is a valid hash tag on any platform.


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