SenFormer: Efficient Self-Ensemble Framework for Semantic Segmentation

Efficient Self-Ensemble Framework for Semantic Segmentation
by Walid Bousselham, Guillaume Thibault, Lucas Pagano, Archana Machireddy, Joe Gray, Young Hwan Chang and Xubo Song.

This repository contains the official Pytorch implementation of training & evaluation code and the pretrained models for SenFormer.

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? Installation

Conda environment

  • Clone this repository and enter it: git clone [email protected]:WalBouss/SenFormer.git && cd SenFormer.
  • Create a conda environment conda create -n senformer python=3.8, and activate it conda activate senformer.
  • Install Pytorch and torchvision conda install pytorch==1.7.1 torchvision==0.8.2 cudatoolkit=10.2 -c pytorch — (you may also switch to other version by specifying the version number).
  • Install MMCV library pip install mmcv-full==1.4.0
  • Install MMSegmentation library by running pip install -e . in SenFormer directory.
  • Install other requirements pip install timm einops

Here is a full script for setting up a conda environment to use SenFormer (with CUDA 10.2 and pytorch 1.7.1):

conda create -n senformer python=3.8
conda activate senformer
conda install pytorch==1.7.1 torchvision==0.8.2 cudatoolkit=10.2 -c pytorch

git clone [email protected]:WalBouss/SenFormer.git && cd SenFormer
pip install mmcv-full==1.4.0
pip install -e .
pip install timm einops


For datasets preparations please refer to MMSegmentation guidelines.

Pretrained weights

ResNet pretrained weights will be automatically downloaded before training.

For Swin Transformer ImageNet pretrained weights, you can either:

  • run bash tools/ in SenFormer project to download all Swin Transformer pretrained weights (it will place weights under pretrain/ folder ).
  • download desired backbone weights here: Swin-T,
    Swin-L and place them under pretrain/ folder.
  • download weights from official repository then, convert them to mmsegmentation format following mmsegmentation guidelines.

? Model Zoo

SenFormer models with ResNet and Swin’s backbones and ADE20K, COCO-Stuff 10K, Pascal Context and Cityscapes.


Backbone mIoU mIoU (MS) #params FLOPs Resolution Download
ResNet-50 44.6 45.6 144M 179G 512×512 model config
ResNet-101 46.5 47.0 163M 199G 512×512 model config
Swin-Tiny 46.0 46.4 144M 179G 512×512 model config
Swin-Small 49.2 50.4 165M 202G 512×512 model config
Swin-Base 51.8 53.2 204M 242G 640×640 model config
Swin-Large 53.1 54.2 314M 546G 640×640 model config

COCO-Stuff 10K

Backbone mIoU mIoU (MS) #params Resolution Download
ResNet-50 39.0 39.7 144M 512×512 model config
ResNet-101 39.6 40.6 163M 512×512 model config
Swin-Large 49.1 50.1 314M 512×512 model config

Pascal Context

Backbone mIoU mIoU (MS) #params Resolution Download
ResNet-50 53.2 54.3 144M 480×480 model config
ResNet-101 55.1 56.6 163M 480×480 model config
Swin-Large 62.4 64.0 314M 480×480 model config


Backbone mIoU mIoU (MS) #params Resolution Download
ResNet-50 78.8 80.1 144M 512×1024 model config
ResNet-101 80.3 81.4 163M 512×1024 model config
Swin-Large 82.2 83.3 314M 512×1024 model config

? Inference

Download one checkpoint weights from above, for example SenFormer with ResNet-50 backbone on ADE20K:

Inference on a dataset

# Single-gpu testing
python tools/ senformer_configs/senformer/ade20k/ /path/to/checkpoint_file

# Multi-gpu testing
./tools/ senformer_configs/senformer/ade20k/ /path/to/checkpoint_file <GPU_NUM>

# Multi-gpu, multi-scale testing
tools/ senformer_configs/senformer/ade20k/ /path/to/checkpoint_file <GPU_NUM> --aug-test

Inference on custom data

To generate segmentation maps for your own data, run the following command:


Run python demo/ --help for additional options.

? Training

Follow above instructions to download ImageNet pretrained weights for backbones and run one of the following command:

# Single-gpu training
python tools/ path/to/model/config 

# Multi-gpu training
./tools/ path/to/model/config <GPU_NUM>

For example to train SenFormer with a ResNet-50 as backbone on ADE20K:

# Single-gpu training
python tools/ senformer_configs/senformer/ade20k/ 

# Multi-gpu training
./tools/ senformer_configs/senformer/ade20k/ <GPU_NUM>

Note that the default learning rate and training schedule is for an effective batch size of 16, (e.g. 8 GPUs & 2 imgs/gpu).

⭐ Acknowledgement

This code is build using MMsegmentation library as codebase and uses timm and einops as well.

? Citation

If you find this repository useful, please consider citing our work ? and giving a star ? :

  title={Efficient Self-Ensemble Framework for Semantic Segmentation},
  author={Walid Bousselham, Guillaume Thibault, Lucas Pagano, Archana Machireddy, Joe Gray, Young Hwan Chang, Xubo Song},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2111.13280},


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