? Sparse Spatial Transformers for Few-Shot Learning

This code implements the Sparse Spatial Transformers for Few-Shot Learning(SSFormers).

? Citation

If you find our work useful, please consider citing our work using the bibtex:

	author  = {Chen, Haoxing and Li, Huaxiong and Li, Yaohui and Chen, Chunlin},
	title   = {Sparse Spatial Transformers for Few-Shot Learning},
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? Prerequisites

  • Linux
  • Python 3.8
  • Pytorch 1.9.1
  • pillow, torchvision, scipy, numpy

? Datasets

Dataset download link:

  • miniImageNet It contains 100 classes with 600 images in each class, which are built upon the ImageNet dataset. The 100 classes are divided into 64, 16, 20 for meta-training, meta-validation and meta-testing, respectively.
  • tieredImageNet
    TieredImageNet is also a subset of ImageNet, which includes 608 classes from 34 super-classes. Compared with miniImageNet, the splits of meta-training(20), meta-validation(6) and meta-testing(8) are set according to the super-classes to enlarge the domain difference between training and testing phase. The dataset also include more images for training and evaluation (779,165 images in total).

Note: You need to manually change the dataset directory.

? Few-shot Classification

  • Train a 5-way 1-shot SSFormers model based on Conv-64F (on miniImageNet dataset):

 python experiments/run_trainer.py  --cfg ./configs/miniImagenet/ST_N5K1_R12.yaml --device 0

Test model on the test set:

python experiments/run_evaluator.py --cfg ./configs/miniImagenet/ST_N5K1_R12.yaml -c ./checkpoint/*/*.pth --device 0

and semi-supervised few-shot learning tasks (with trial t=1).

python experiments/run_semi_trainer.py --cfg ./configs/miniImagenet/ST_N5K1_semi_with_extractor.yaml --device 0 -t 1

python experiments/run_semi_evaluator.py --cfg ./configs/miniImagenet/ST_N5K1_semi_with_extractor.yaml -c ./checkpoints/*/*.pth --device 0

Our code is based on MCL and DeepEMD.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

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