Just Music…

Just Music Is A Web APP That Allows Users To Play Song Using Spotify Main API And Spotify WebPlayback API. Users Can Invite Others And Let Them Listen To Listen To The Songs Using Room Code.

Note :- Admin of Rooms Should Login With A Spotify Premium Account For Creating Room(Otherwise Won’t be Able To Listen And Enjoy The Functionality of APP) Not For Joining Rooms…


Setup Instructions

Install Required Python Modules

pip install -r requirements.txt

Start Web Server

First cd into Just Music folder

cd just_music

Next run the django web server.

python manage.py runserver

Install Node.js

Install Node Modules

First cd into the frontend folder.

cd frontend

Next install all dependicies.

npm i

Compile the Front-End

Run the production compile script

npm run build

or for development:

npm run dev

Go to Local host to see you APP


Not Yet 

For The Developer…

If You Don’t Know How To Listen To The Songs But Have Created Rooms,Joining Room Page And Used Spotify API To Display Songs, Code For WebPlayback is Available. If Then Also There’s a Issue Feel Free to Contact Me.

Open To All Sorts Of Contribuiton.

Happy Coding ?


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