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Template for Python eventsourcing projects

Install cookiecutter into a dedicated virtual environment.

$ python3 -mvenv ./cookiecutter-venv
$ ./cookiecutter-venv/bin/pip install cookiecutter

Create a new project from the template.

$ ./cookiecutter-venv/bin/cookiecutter gh:pyeventsourcing/cookiecutter-eventsourcing
project_slug [my_project]: your_project 
author_fullname [Author Name]: Your Name
author_email [[email protected]]: [email protected]

Remove the cookiecutter virtual environment.

$ rm -r cookiecutter-venv

Start using your eventsourcing project.

$ cd your_project
$ make install

Add tests in ./tests. Add code in ./your_project. Run tests.

$ make test

See the Python eventsourcing project
for more information and guidance about developing event-sourced applications.

Add dependencies in pyproject.toml. Update installed packages.

$ make update-packages

Check the formatting of your code.

$ make lint

Reformat your code.

$ make fmt

If you push your changes to a GitHub repo, your code will be tested in GitHub Actions.
Edit your GitHub Actions config file(s) according to your project needs.

$ less .github/workflows/github-actions.yml

Please refer to the relevant documentation for more information about building and distributing
Python packages with the Poetry build tool.