Face Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection system built with OpenCV, Keras/TensorFlow using Deep Learning and Computer Vision concepts in order to detect face masks in static images as well as in real-time video streams.

Face masks are crucial in minimizing the propagation of Covid-19, and are highly recommended or even obligatory in many situations.

The Proposed system can therefore be used in real-time applications which require face-mask detection for safety purposes due to the outbreak of Covid-19.This project can be integrated with embedded systems for application in airports, railway stations, offices, schools, and public places to ensure that public safety guidelines are followed.

The technology assures reliable and real-time(Video Stream) face detection of public-users wearing masks. Besides, the system is easy to deploy into any existing system of a business while keeping the safety and privacy of users’ data. Thus Ensuring Human Safety & Human Life is the ultimate aim.


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