Here is the live demonstration of endpoints and celery worker along with RabbitMQ

Before running the application make sure that you have your API key from ipdata.co website which this project uses it under the hood to get the details about specific ip address.
Also before running the test cases, make sure you create a user with following details:

    "age": 21,
    "name": "Yalchin",
    "surname": "Mammadli",
    "username": "Yalchin405",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "gender": "M",
    "password": "Yalcin-1"

Docs for all the endpoints are available in the https://localhost:5000 if you run the application locally.

To install all the dependencies execute pip install -r reqs.txt

To run the the test execute pytest in the main directory

To run the application execute docker-compose up -d


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