Make GIFs from time-stacked xarray.DataArrays (time, [optional band], y, x), dead-simple.

from geogif import gif, dgif


The "geo" part is a lie, actually. The arrays don't have to be geospatial in nature. But I called it GeoGIF because:

  1. Wanting to animate a time-stack of imagery (like you'd get from stackstac) is a common task in the earth-observation/geospatial world.
  2. I think GeoGIF is a hilarious idea1.

1: To ruin the joke, it sounds like GeoTIFF, a ubiquitous geospatial image format. If you also think this is a funny idea, and believe you'd have a better use for the name than I do, I'd happily cede it to you.


pip install geogif




GeoGIF is managed by Poetry, so be sure that's installed first. To develop locally, first fork or clone the repo. Then, to set up a virtual environment and install the necessary dependencies:

cd geogif
poetry install -E tests -E docs

Running Tests

GeoGIF has some basic end-to-end tests, written with Hypothesis. To run:


This will take ~30 seconds (longer the first time), as Hypothesis generates fake data to root out possible errors.

Code style

GeoGIF is formatted with shed, in order to allow for as few opinions as possible.