Typing test and practice on command line without the need of any internet connection


CLI based typing test and practice that focuses on providing a quick and easy way to practice your typing skills without all the fuss of ads, login and data collection.

Requirements and Installation

English Words Library

Install english_words library by copying, pasting and running the below line of code in your terminal

pip3 install english_words

Typing Test

Download the python script by running the following code

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/angad26/Terminal-Typing-Test/main/typing_test.py


Running the script is as simple as running the following command

python3 typing_test.py

Modes and usage

The script has in total 5 modes:

1. Time based test

As the name suggests, in this mode you could set a time like 30 seconds and your test will run for that amount of time only

2. Word based test

In this mode, you choose the amount of words you want to type in a given test. Accordingly time will be noted and results would be shown

3. Strict time based test

Similar to time based test but the test ends when you make a mistake

4. Strict word based test

Similar to word based test but the test ends when you make a mistake

5. Infinite Practice

The typing practice would go on indefinetly until you specifically want it to end which you can do by typing “exit” anytime during the test


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