Our work proposes an adaptive learning attention network (LANet) to solve the problem of color casts and low illumination in underwater images.


The code runs with Python=3.6 and requires Pytorch of version 1.7 or higher. Please pip install the following packages:

  • numpy=1.20.2
  • torchvision=0.8.0
  • matplotlib=3.4.2
  • opencv-python=
  • scipy=1.7.0


1. Download the code
2. run Python --input_images-path ./data/trainA/ --label_images_path ./data/trainB/ 
3. Find checkpoint in the "./checkpoints/" folder
The training data includes input data and label data. input data are in the "./data/trainA" folder, label data are in the "./data/trainB" folder


1. pre-trained models in the "./checkpoints/" folder
2. Put your testing images in the "./data/test/" folder 
3. run Python --test_pth ./data/test/ --snapshot_pth ./checkpoints/
4. Find the result in "./results" folder


If you have any questions, please contact Shiben Liu at [email protected].


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