Unet-TTS: Improving Unseen Speaker and Style Transfer in One-shot Voice Cloning

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❗ Now we provide inferencing code and pre-training models. You could generate any text sounds you want.

⭐ The model training only uses the corpus of neutral emotion, and does not use any strongly emotional speech.

⭐ There are still great challenges in out-of-domain style transfer. Limited by the training corpus, it is difficult for the speaker-embedding or unsupervised style learning (like GST) methods to imitate the unseen data.

⭐ With the help of Unet network and AdaIN layer, our proposed algorithm has powerful speaker and style transfer capabilities.

Infer code or Colab notebook

Demo results

Paper link

? The authors are preparing simple, clear, and well-documented training process of Unet-TTS based on Aishell3. It contains:

  • MFA-based duration alignment
  • Multi-speaker TTS with speaker_embedding-Instance-Normalization, and this model provides pre-training Content Encoder.
  • Unet-TTS training
  • One-shot Voice cloning inference
  • C++ inference

Stay tuned!

Install Requirements

  • Install the appropriate TensorFlow and tensorflow-addons versions according to CUDA version.
  • The default is TensorFlow 2.6 and tensorflow-addons 0.14.0.
pip install TensorFlowTTS


  • see file UnetTTS_syn.py or notebook
CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 python UnetTTS_syn.py

from UnetTTS_syn import UnetTTS

models_and_params = {"duration_param": "train/configs/unetts_duration.yaml",
                    "duration_model": "models/duration4k.h5",
                    "acous_param": "train/configs/unetts_acous.yaml",
                    "acous_model": "models/acous12k.h5",
                    "vocoder_param": "train/configs/multiband_melgan.yaml",
                    "vocoder_model": "models/vocoder800k.h5"}

feats_yaml = "train/configs/unetts_preprocess.yaml"

text2id_mapper = "models/unetts_mapper.json"

Tts_handel = UnetTTS(models_and_params, text2id_mapper, feats_yaml)

#text: input text
#src_audio: reference audio
#dur_stat: phoneme duration statistis to contraol speed rate
syn_audio, _, _ = Tts_handel.one_shot_TTS(text, src_audio, dur_stat)




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