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Useful tools for Minecraft worlds such as removing unused chunks and finding blocks, command blocks or entities.
Tested from 1.7.10 up to 1.18.1.


pip install mcworldtools


You can simply run the command mcworldtools in a Minecraft world folder.
The script will tell you the name of your Minecraft world and – if possible, it may not be in older versions – the Minecraft version of your world.
After that you can choose which tool you want to use by stating the number of the tool.

Further usage

mcworldtools [-h] [-w WORLD] [-t TOOL] [-o OUTPUT_FILE] [-f {json,yaml}] [--confirm]


  • -h --help Show the help message and exit
  • -w WORLD, --world WORLD Use a different world folder than the current working directory. You can provide this option multiple times for multiple words.
  • -t TOOL, --tool TOOL Choose the tool to use beforehand.
  • -o OUTPUT_FILE, --output-file OUTPUT_FILE Select a file to write the output statistics to.
  • -f {json,yaml}, --output-format {json,yaml} The output file format. May be json (default) or yaml.
  • --confirm Automatically confirm any confirmation requests.


Do NOT use these tools for a world that is currently opened (i.e. in Minecraft Singleplayer or by a Minecraft server). Doing so may lead to unintended consequences. I do NOT take any responsibility for your Minecraft world if you do that.


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