Updated: This project’s been introduced on IDA Plugin Contest 2021!

Why do we need RefHunter?

Getting reference information in one specific function is the secret to find out the connection between lines.

  • Comparing two function’s subroutine lists is one of the simplest diffing tequnique.
  • By just seeing the string list referenced in the function, we can infer the sketchy role of the function.

However, among the all of fancy features in IDA, getting all reference information in one specific function hasn’t available so far.

That’s where “RefHunter: User-friendly function reference finder” comes in.


RefHunter find all references in simple and lightweighted manner.

  • User-friendly view
  • Runs without any 3rd-party application
  • Runs without installing itself, it’s just portable.
  • Analyze the function and show tiny little report for you!


Key Description
Ctrl + H Open the RefHunter view
ESC Close the RefHunter view
C or c Color the selected reference in assembly line
R or r Refresh view


  1. Download this repository
  2. Open IDA > [File] > [Script File] > Select


  • IDA version 7 >= with IDAPython
  • Tested on 7.6 with Python 2.7.16

Video guide

Short video guide (<2min)

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