Uses Open AI Gym environment to create autonomous cryptocurrency bot to trade cryptocurrencies.

Steps to get started using the bot:

  1. Sign up for a binance account, you can use this link to create your account:

  2. After Creating an account, go to “API Management” to get your API keys:

       You will receive two API Keys:
               API Key
               Secret Key-Make sure to save secret key as you will only see this key once.
  3. Download File from GitHub

         In file replace "API_KEY" Variable with your API Key from binance
         In file replace "SECRET_KEY" Variable with your Secret Key from binance
  4. Download Model Files from Model Folder on Github In file replace each:

               XGB_MODEL= **Your XGB_Model File Path**
               CROSSNN_MODEL= **Your CrossNN_Model File Path**
               MLP_MODEL= **Your MLP_Model File Path**
               FOREST_MODEL=**Your Forest_Model File Path**
               BIG_NN_MODEL=**Your BIG_NN_Model File Path**
  5. Download Data Files from Data Folder on Github In file replace each:

             VAL_SET=**Your VALIDATION DATA File Path**
             TRAIN_SET**Your TRAIN DATA File Path**

How to select which bots to use:

By Default- VALIDATION=True: This means that your file will run on the Validation data and will print a graph comparing each model to the market over the last three months.

If you change: VALIDATION=False then the each of the 5 Models will be used to make live trades through the binance API. You can select which model you want to make trades by changing the models from True to False:

    Ex: Change: XGB_MODEL_ON=True    to     XGB_MODEL_ON=False


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