About UUM Merit Form Filler

UUM Merit Form Filler is a web automation which helps automate entering a matric number to the UUM system in order for participants to obtain a merit score.

The reason why this code exists because i was involved in a GDSC UUM tech workshop which had a total of 355 participants. At first, i tried to enter it manually but it was too tedious. Then, i researched on how to automate it and boom I figured it out and it works.

How to use

  • download this script by going to green button that says ‘code’ and download it as ZIP

  • then extract it

  • make sure you have python installed

  • open terminal like cmd in the extracted ZIP

  • then run this in your terminal pip install -r requirements.txt

  • add your attendance.csv which can be converted from excel file with the following format MATRIC NO,NAME e.g 123123, ilham or simply just matric number only *note: at the moment it only accepts .csv extension
    csv example

  • create .env file and add your credentials USERNAME='your_uum_username' PASSWORD='your_uum_password'

  • next, you only need to configure the main.py file. choose which project report activity you want to choose. replace the ContentPlaceHolder1_gw1_ImageButton20_4 with your own report_activity_btn_id.

  • in order to find the id of an element, you have to inspect element of your page by pressing ctrl+shift+c or simply right click and choose inspect. Then, point to the report button you want to choose.

  • report button

  • report activity button id

  • you will see the id of the button. Next, simply replace the ContentPlaceHolder1_gw1_ImageButton20_4 in run_flow main.py with your own button id like the following example


  • finally, run your code with python main.py


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