Want to learn DevOps the right way in 2022 ? You have come to the right place

I have created the complete DevOps roadmap that anyone can follow and be job ready in 6 months. You can download the roadmap pdf, take print out and get started.

The complete video is on my YouTube channel, do not forget to share it with your friends.

  • If you are new to github then checkout our contributing guide here

Learning in public is very important so you can create PR’s to this repo by:

  • cloning the repo.

  • create {YourName} folder.

  • In that folder you create folder for each day.

  • Add in detail what you have learnt so that others can be motivated as well

  • You can find the roadmap here. Make Sure you update it as you progress ahead in your devops journey.

  • Join Discord to ask you doubts and meet other learners.

Few good examples :

Anurag Kumar
Atir Nayab

You can use the hashtag #learnwithsaiyam on Twitter

Thanks to all the contributors ❤️


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