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This module will provide API to download the webpage components : html file, image file, css fil, javascript file, href link file based on the input url (the url must start with ‘http’ or ‘https’ ).

To prosses multiple URLs at the same time, The user can list all the url he wants to download in the file “urllist.txt” as shown below:

# Add the URL you want to download line by line(The url must start with 'http' or 'https' ):
# example: https://www.google.com

Program Setup

Development Environment : python 3.7.4
Additional Lib/Software Need
  1. beautifulsoup4 4.10.0


    pip install beautifulsoup4

    Lib link: https://pypi.org/project/beautifulsoup4/

Hardware Needed : None
Program File List

version: v0.1

Program File Execution Env Description
webDownload.py python 3 Main executable program use the API.
urllist.txt url record list.

Program Usage

Module API Usage
  1. Downloader init:

soup = urlDownloader(imgFlg=True, linkFlg=True, scriptFlg=True)
  • imgFlg: Set to “True” to download all the “” tag files.
  • linkFlg: Set to “True” to download all the html section, image, icon, css file imported by “”
  • scriptFlg: set to “True” to download all the js file.
  1. Call API method savePage to scape url and save the data in a folder

    soup.savePage('<url>', '<folder_name>')
    # Exampe:
    soup.savePage('https://www.google.com', 'www_google_com')
Program Execution
  1. Copy the url you want to check in the url record file “urllist.txt

  2. Cd to the program folder and run program execution cmd:

    python webDownload.py
  3. Check the result:

    For example, if you copy the url “https://www.carousell.sg/” as the first url you want to check into the file “urllist.txt” file, all the html files, image file and js files will be under folder “1_www.carousell.sg_files”

    • The main web page will be saved as: “1_www.carousell.sg_files/1_www.carousell.sg.html
    • The image used in the page will be saved in folder: “1_www.carousell.sg_files/img”
    • The html/imge/css import by href will be saved in folder: “1_www.carousell.sg_files/link”
    • The js file used by the page will be saved in fodler: “1_www.carousell.sg_files/script”

Problem and Solution

Problem[0]: Files download got slight different

Why there is a slight different between the files which download by using the program and the files which downlaod I use some-webBrowser’s “page save as ” for the same URL such as www.google.com

OS Platform : n.a

Error Message: n.a

Type: n.a


This is normal situation, the logic of web scrape and browser display are different: if you type www.google.ccom if different people’s browser, you can see the page shown on different browser are also different. This is because the browser cache, token in the local storage , cookie will make influence of the “GET” request. So when different people type in the google URL in their browser, they can see their own Gmail Icon shows on the right top corner. If you remove all the cache, token in the local storage , cookie of your browser and try “page save as “, the file downloaded by “page save as ” should be same as the program.

Problem[2]: Some download Image are empty

OS Platform : n.a

Error Message: n.a

Type: n.a


If a web use third party’s storage to save the image and the net-storage need to authorization before download, our program download request will be reject and got ‘null’ when download the file. Then the saved image will be empty.

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