– ? Website-Survival-Detection

It can help you to detect the survival status of the website in batches and return the status code!

– ? Instructions


sudo apt install python3


apt install python3


chmod +x B0kd1_Survive.py
python3 B0kd1_Survive.py /tmp/urls.txt 200

(This is threads 1-200)

(It can help you detect website liveness very quickly and return a status code to help you judge validity faster.)


– ? Binary download

Call to download


B0kd1_Survive_win.exe c:\website.txt 200


./B0kd1_Survive /tmp/website.txt 200
B0kd1_Survive (file) (thread)

Currently supported platforms: Windows and Linux

– ? Notice

Please don’t use it as malicious behavior.

Do not use for commercial use

– ? My dream

Sorry, I am a non-English native speaker, all the words below are from Google Translate, for example, after you use the OSINT framework, you will get tens of thousands of websites, and then you are looking for something in github to detect their survival, you will It didn’t work very well, now you have a very useful little tool to help you do this, it has no thread limit, but I recommend 1-200 and will save the record in the “results” file after completion middle. I will continue to update it and add directory scanning and exploits in the website later, you only need “–cve-xxxx-xxxxx” to automate the exploit and add “–reverse xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx –ports xxxx” automation Build the reserver shell, yes I’m fed up with cloud players. So do it yourself!

– ? License

Website-Survival-Detection is released under MIT license. See LICENSE.


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