Yoga Asana Classifier


Hi welcome to my new deep learning project “Yoga Asana Classifier / pose classifier “. This project as the name suggests can predict the yoga pose which you are doing in front of the webcam.
This project comprise of three python scripts namely,
Data Collection
Data Training
And finally Inference script.
As all of the name suggest do there respective work.

For this project I used mediapipe pose detection to detect the human body pose and after that I made model with simple Dense network using keras and trained the model on the data. After that i just ran the inference file to do the prediction.


pip install mediapipe
pip install keras
pip install tensorflow
pip install opencv-python
pip install numpy

How to Run?

Adding Data

To add data you have to run python and have to provide the name of asana you want to add.


To train just run python to train the model on newly added data.


To Run just run python and new window will pop up which will be running the predictions.


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