How to run

download required files

make build_image
make download

Docker version

  1. install docker

  2. build image to run object detection

make build_image
  1. run with docker image

# make run.simple {target-file} {output-file-name}
make run.simple FILENAME=data/kite.jpg OUTPUTFILENAME=kite_observed.jpg

conda version

  1. install conda

  1. build conda env


  1. run virtual environment

conda activate yolo_python

  1. run following commands


#python {image dir} {output-file-name}
python ./data/kite.jpg kite_observed.jpg


#python {video dir} {output-file-name}
python ./data/mv.mp4 road_detected.mp4

Note for me

How to create conda environment with file

conda env create –name yolo_python –file environment.yaml

How to build conda environment

conda create –name yolo_python python=3.6
pip install -r requirements.txt
conda env export > environment.yaml

run with conda environment

References -> most of codes are from this repository. I just changed it just for testing codes


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