SHIBgreen is a cryptocurrency forked from Chia and uses the Proof of Space and Time consensus algorithm

Discord Channel:

Website: (coming soon)

Initial 1.0.0 release!
Per usual should’nt have any issues.
Full node port: 7442

The way SHIBgreen was designed was to get alot of coins farmed early on and then significantly drop very early on in the blockchains life cycle.
At height 168192 the block rewards will drop from 100,000 XSHIB to 20,000 XSHIB.
Early adopters get the privlage of getting a lot of coins ?
As of today (11/22/2021) each block of 100,000 XSHIB is selling for roughly 25cents on
Have fun everyone, and i wish everybody good luck in finding SHIBgreen blocks!


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