A Discord client self-bot for destroying, nuking and causing mischief in servers. ?


As of recent, I’ve seen multiple Discord communities I have been a part of been pathetically raided or messed with. With Innocent, I plan to change that. No more will a server go partially destroyed. No more will it take days to rename everyone for a joke. I do not encourage raiding but if you’re going to do a job, at least do it right. Also, I saw Kyle2000 was charging a stupid amount of money for a little bit of buggy JS, so I decided to make my own edition that’s free. Eventually, it will contain more features such as deleting all channels, renaming the server constantly, and many more.


  • kall – short for kick all, kicks every member in the server as long as you have permission.
  • ball – short for ban all, bans every member in the server as long as you have permission.
  • rall rename_to – short for rename all, renames every member in the server to the desired rename_to condition as long as you have permission.
  • mall message – short for message all, messages every member in a guild with a message of your choice.
  • dall condition – short for delete all, deletes every condition stated. Conditions currently include; channels, roles, emojis and all.
  • destroy – deletes everything possible, then bans every member in the server as long as you have permission.


Download the files for the bot and make sure Python 3.7 is installed.
After you have done those steps, simply install the following dependencies:


You can do this by typing pip install -U git+ into cmd as long as Python is in path.

After this, open the bot file in an IDE or text editor and input your token and desired prefix.

Anything else?

Not really, that’s about it. Just remember, I AM NOT TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY ISSUES THIS CAUSES. I am just a dev showing how things can be abused. Hope you enjoy!


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