Polaris is a system based on facial recognition with a futuristic GUI design, Can easily find people informations stored in a database using their pictures .

Functionality Supported ? :

  • Register new people :


  • Search for people using their pictures :


Built Using ?

  • PyQt5 - PyQt5 is a Python binding of the cross-platform GUI toolkit Qt
  • OpenCV - Open Source Computer Vision and Machine Learning software library
  • Dlib - C++ Library containing Machine Learning Algorithms
  • face_recognition by Adam Geitgey

How to use ?

  • First of all, we have to install all the required libraries .

  • PyQt5 :

pip install PyQt5
  • OpenCV :
pip install opencv-python
  • Numpy :
pip install numpy
  • Dlib :
pip install dlib
  • face_recognition :
pip install face_recognition
  • PIL :
pip install pillow
  • Then, Clone the repository and run the program ?
git clone https://github.com/ChibaniMohamed/Polaris.git

cd Polaris/

python main.py