Time series visualizer is a flexible extension that provides filling world map by country from csv or json file.

You can know data value through shades of color

For example, in the below gif, simulate data from the countries to view the COVID-19 recover cases of the world from real data. The larger the cases are, the darker the color is

Also provide an simple convert script from csv to json. (Required input format)



Only support json format for the release Change the variables in this file

date_key = "Date column name"
country_key = "Country column name"
value_key = "Value column name"

Run command to export to json format

$ python csv2json.py --csv <path-to-csv>


  • <path-to-csv>: path to the input csv file

Example csv:

Date Country Value
ddmmyyyy Vietnam x

Download lastest build version from here

Copy <json-file> to visualizer data folder

├─ tools/
│  ├─ input.csv     
├─ release/
│  ├─ visualizer_data/
│  │  ├─ data.json
├─ │  ...
│  ├─ visualizer.exe   

Execute visualizer.exe to render worldmap