This repository is a work in progress. Anything and everything is subject to change.


General Information

Porpo is a python application that utilizes the FastF1 package to easily pull specific data and generate visualizations for analysis.

Note: Python3 (v.3.8 or greater) is required.

Getting Started

Currently, there is not a simple way to run the program. However, getting it up and running is very easy, regardless of platform.

Install Dependencies:

pip3 install fastf1
pip3 install PySimpleGUI

There are 2 methods of execution:

/scripts/ to begin using the application with a GUI. (Recommended)

/scripts/ to begin using the application in CLI.


Porpo allows you to individually set all the variables for evaluation.

You start by selecting the year the Grand Prix took place.

Then select the Grand Prix you want.

Then select the session from the Grand Prix.

Note: No GP has all sessions.

Next, select the driver you’d like to evaluate.

Now decide if you’re going to evaluate the full session, or a specific lap, or easily select the fastest lap set by your chosen driver.

Check the FastF1 documentation to see everything that is available for each option.

The last step is to select which variables you want displayed on the axes (X and Y).

Be aware that although you can select any available data as either variable, some combinations may not perform as expected – or at all.

The plot will show up in a new window, and automatically save to your export directory when the graph is closed.

If you’re unsure where your export directory is, the default is:

~/Documents/F1 Data Analysis/Export/


To change this directory, edit the save_path variable in scripts/

  save_path = '~/Documents/F1 Data Analysis/Export/'

Specific Lap

You can easily pull and visualize data for a single lap of a session.


Max Verstappen speed on Lap 54 of the 2022 Bahrain GP. We can see he was losing power throughout the lap, up until the moment he completely lost power, and went into the pitlane.

Fastest Lap

By default, you can quickly do analysis of the fastest lap set by the selected driver during a session.


Max Verstappen speed on the fastest lap he set in 2022 Bahrain GP. We can the difference between this lap and lap 54, when he retired.


You can also quickly do an analysis of a driver’s performance through an entire session.


Max Verstappen laptime over the course of the Imola GP. We can see as the track began to dry, laptimes began to fall very quickly.


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