My Pygame

Game Information:


This Pygame project is a game program written in the Python language that was created to fulfill the level 1 task requirements for the Hyperion Development Software Engineering Bootcamp that I am enrolled in. The aim of this task was to develop skills to adapt to working with novel code libraries. Therefore, a simple Pygame program example was provided as a base to write our own game, according to the task level specifications. This simple game includes one ‘player’ object, three ‘enemy’ objects and one ‘prize’ object.


When this program is run, a black game screen is displayed according to the size specifications in the code. The player object then appears at the top lefthand corner of the screen and the person playing the game is able to move the player around using the up, down, left and right arrows on their keyboard. The three enemy objects then start moving across the screen from different positions. The person playing the game then needs to maneuver the player object so as to avoid collision with an enemy object; if they collide with an ‘enemy’, they lose and the game ends. If they are able to avoid the enemies and collide with the ‘prize’ object on the opposite side of the screen, they win the game and the game ends. If they avoid enemies but do not hit the prize, they also lose the game. When the game ends, the appropriate ‘You win!’ or ‘You lose’ message is displayed.


The Hyperion Development company provided the base example code needed initially. This game code was then written individually for the task. However, it was reviewed and commented on by the helpful mentors at Hyperion Development!


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