⚠️ This is just the copy of the actual Aerial-Ace repository used for the bot. The original repo is made private because it contains data of the users. This repo is exact copy of the original repo except data files (which are empty). The data files contain the format in which the data is stored.

Python Status

Aerial Ace is a helper bot for poketwo which provide various functionalities on top of being a pokedex.

Prefix : -aa


  • View Dex entry of any pokemon.
  • View random pokemons and read about them.
  • Set and View your favourite pokemon.
  • Add tags to your name and ping them for anything from favourite collections to shiny hunts.
  • View the best stats of pokemons for battling.
  • View the best moveset of any pokemon for battling.
  • View pokemon tierlists.
  • Register Battles and view leaderboards.


  • -aa roll
    rolls a dice.
  • -aa dex
    displays the pokedex entry of the provided pokemon.
  • -aa rand_poke displays a random pokemon from the dex.
  • -aa set_fav
    sets the provided pokemon as your favourite pokemon.
  • -aa fav displays your current favourited pokemon.
  • -aa tag
    tags you to the provided tag.
  • -aa tag_ping
    pings the users currently tagged to the provided tag.
  • -aa stats
    displays the best stats for the provided pokemon.
  • -aa moveset
    displays the best moveset of the provided pokemon.
  • -aa tierlist
    displays the tierlist of that type. Availible types are common, mega, rare, water.
  • -aa log_battle @winner @loser logs the battle in the leaderboard.
  • -aa battle_score displays the current battle score the user.
  • -aa battle_lb displays the battle leaderboard of the server.


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