A customizable, multilanguage Telegram shop bot with Telegram Payments support!


Send a message to @greedtestbot on Telegram to view a demo of the bot in action!

Use the special credit card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 to add unlimited credit to your account.



This installation procedure assumes you are on a Linux system, using bash and have python3.8 installed.


Consider renting a VPS to host the bot on; a cheap one should do, as greed is pretty lightweight! :)


  1. Download the project files by running:

    git clone
  2. Enter the newly created folder:

    cd greed
  3. Create a new virtualenv:

    python3.8 -m venv venv
  4. Activate the virtualenv:

    source venv/bin/activate
  5. Install the project requirements:

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  6. Optional: For colored console output, install coloredlogs:

    pip install coloredlogs
  7. Generate the configuration file:

    python -OO
  8. Edit the configuration file, adding your bot and payment tokens to it:

    nano config/config.toml

    (Press Ctrl+X and then two times Enter to save and quit nano.)

  9. Optional: customize the files in the strings folder for custom messages.

  10. Start the bot:

    python -OO
  11. Open Telegram, and send a /start command to your bot to be automatically promoted to 💼 Manager.

  12. Stop the bot by pressing Ctrl+C.

Running the bot

After the installation, to run the bot, you'll need to:

  1. Activate the virtualenv (if it's not already activated in the current console session):

    source venv/bin/activate
  2. Start the bot:

    python -OO

Keep the bot running

If you want to keep the bot open even after you closed your terminal window, you'll need to use some external program.

Some of them are:

  • screen (easier, but doesn't restart automatically)
  • systemd (recommended, but more difficult)


  1. Open a screen that will be running the bot with the following command:
    screen venv/bin/python -OO
    To safely detach the screen, press Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+D.


Assuming you downloaded greed in /srv/greed:

  1. Create a new user named greed:

    useradd greed --system
  2. Give ownership of the greed folder you downloaded earlier to the greed user:

    chown -R greed: /srv/greed
  3. Create a new file in /etc/systemd/system named bot-greed.service with the following contents:

    Description=Greed Bot
    ExecStart=/srv/greed/venv/bin/python -OO /srv/greed/
  4. Start the bot-greed service:

    systemctl start bot-greed
  5. If everything goes well, enable the bot-greed service, so it will automatically start on a reboot:

    systemctl enable bot-greed   


To update the bot, run the following commands:

git stash
git pull
git stash pop

If you're using an older version of greed, you may need to recreate the configuration, as greed won't use config.ini anymore and will use config.toml instead.


All features can be accessed through the Telegram bot chat.

As a 💼 Manager, you can add new products, check the placed orders, create new transactions and generate .csv log files.
You can also add additional 💼 Managers.

Users will be able to add credit to their wallet, place orders and contact you in case they require assistance.