HrFlow Importer


A python package for batch import of resume attachments to be parsed in HrFlow.

hrflow-importer is an open-source project created by
to seamlessly import resume attachments from local folder into HrFlow.

? Quickstart

What I can do?

With Hrflow Importer, you can import a batch of resume attachments in a local directory into to be parsed, using a command line directly from your terminal.

How to use HrFlow Importer ?


  1. Set up a virtualenv. You can use [virtualenv](

pip install virtualenv # if not installed
virtualenv .venv # make sure you use python >3.6 before running this command
source .venv/bin/activate
  1. pip install hrflow-importer
  2. setup your .env file. You can do this by running command:
cat env.example >> .env 

And then fill the values in the .env file accordingly.
Or simply :

  • data
    • files
    • failures

export STORAGE_DIRECTORY_PATH=/absolute/path/to/data/directory
  1. Run the command

and fill the prompted values.

? TADA! You should see a progress bar for the upload.

? Environment

To find the list of dependencies, you can look at the pyproject.toml file

?‍? Contributions

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submitting PRs for improvements to code, architecture, etc.

Any contributions you make to this effort are of course greatly

? To find out more about how to proceed, the rules and conventions to follow, read carefully

? Resources

? License

See the LICENSE file for licensing information.

⚙️ Develop HrFlow Importer :

  • git clone [email protected]:Riminder/hrflow-importer.git
  • switch to python >3.6 (i recommend using pyenv as python version manager) pyenv shell 3.6.12
  • install poetry if not installed (link)
  • I recommend installing the virtual env inside the project directory : poetry config true
  • Install the virtual env : poetry install and launch it using : poetry shell