Mechanized Branch

Mechanized literally means automation. And this branch which you are now observing is automated by the python script. This python project actually automates my workflow related to Git & Github.


First of all this is a python script. It can automate my github profile and do things like:-

  • Login into my github profile
  • Creating a new repoisitory

(Many more things are going to be added to this project)

This python script is object oriented to give little twist to simple programming and deploy multiple bots at same time.

Information of different functions :-

  • While initialising the object of the class it takes the location of the chromedriver.exe file to open the chrome.
  • The driver_init function initialises the driver
  • The login function takes username and password and logins in the github profile.(WARNING: In my case it has not asked about the 6 digit verification code but in your case it can ask)
  • The new_repo function takes repository name, description of the repository and type of the repository and fills all the thing. You need to just click the Create repository button.

Tools & Configuraton

  • Language : Python(3.9.5)
  • Google Chrome – version(95.0.4638.69)
  • Chrome Driver – version(95.0.4638.69)
  • VS Code
  • Libraries :- selenium


You can just clone my repository using the following link and can fill up the necessary-




GitHub - Shreejan-35/Mechanized-Branch at
Github is now undercontrol of me. Contribute to Shreejan-35/Mechanized-Branch development by creating an account on GitHub.