Automatic regional-scale earthquake catalog building workflow: EQTransformer + Siamese EQTransformer + PickNet + REAL + HypoInverse.

安装说明 Installation

conda create -n ESPRH
conda activate ESPRH
conda install python=3.6 tensorflow-gpu=1.14 keras-gpu=2.3.1 h5py=2.10 matplotlib=3.2 pyyaml cudatoolkit cudnn pandas tqdm pyproj jupyter notebook basemap
conda install -c conda-forge obspy
pip install keras-rectified-adam

注:只是推理的话不需要GPU也可执行,则将对应的tensorflow-gpu, keras-gpu换成tensorflow, keras。并且不要安装 cudatoolkit和cudnn。

Clone this project to your machine.

git clone


使用说明 Usage


Enter the directory. Execute scripts 00-06. Customize your configurations in file default_pipline_config.yaml.

相关的工作 Related research

[1] Xueshan Wu, Song Huang, Zhuowei Xiao, Yuan Wang. (2021, Under Reveiw). Building precise local submarine earthquake catalogs via a deep-learning-empowered workflow and its application to the Challenger Deep.

[2] Shun Yang, Zhuowei Xiao, Yue Zhu, Yumei He, Mingming Jiang, Chit Thet Mon, Guangbing Hou, Myo Thant, Kyaing Sein. (2021, In Preparation). A deep-learning-empowered pipeline for building regional earthquake catalogs and its application to the central Myanmar region.

引用 Citation


For EQTransformer, please cite:

S. Mostafa Mousavi, William L Ellsworth, Weiqiang Zhu, Lindsay Y Chuang, and Gregory C Beroza. (2020). Earthquake transformer—an attentive deep-learning model for simultaneous earthquake detection and phase picking. Nature Communications 11, 3952.

For Siamese EQTransformer, please cite:

Zhuowei Xiao, Jian Wang*, Chang Liu, Juan Li, Liang Zhao, and Zhenxing Yao. (2021). Siamese Earthquake Transformer: A pair-input deep-learning model for earthquake detection and phase picking on a seismic array. Journal of Geophysics Research: Solid Earth.

PickNet for phase refinement:

Wang, J., Xiao, Z., Liu, C., Zhao, D., & Yao, Z. (2019). Deep Learning for Picking Seismic Arrival Times. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 124(7), 6612–6624.

REAL for linking seismic phases:

Miao Zhang, William L Ellsworth, and Gregory C Beroza. (2019). Rapid Earthquake Association and Location. Seismological Research Letters, 90(6), 2276–2284.

HypoInverse for locating earthquakes:

Fred W Klein. (2002). Userʼs Guide to HYPOINVERSE-2000, a Fortran Program to Solve for Earthquake Locations and Magnitudes 4/2002 version. USGS, Open File Report 02-171 Version, 1, 123.

问题反馈 Bug report


If you occur any bugs or questions, you can open a new issue in this repo.

邮箱 E-mail

[email protected]

致谢 Acknowledgments

We would like to thank S. Mostafa Mousavi and his colleagues for developing the EqT model (, which is the base of our S-EqT model.

We would like to thank Miao Zhang for developing REAL (

We would like to thank Fred Klein for developing HypoInverse (

We would like to thank Yijian Zhou for developing the python interface for HypoInverse (


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