It invokes a reconnect in the altV Client Dev Console. You get to determine when your local client should reconnect when developing.

This allows for an easy to use developer controlled reconnection script.


I’m tired of typing reconnect in the alt:V console. This tool is going to do it for me whether it likes it or not.


Download the executable from releases and simply run it in the background.

Invoke a HTTP GET request for localhost:5599 to invoke a reconnect. (Example Below)

This will only allow reconnecting from a local Windows Machine that is also running an alt:V Server

Append to your altv.cfg

These must be added to your client configuration for this to work:

debug: 'true'
useExternalConsole: 'true'

Append to your Game Mode

Add and call ReconnectHelper.invoke() after your game mode loads to invoke a local reconnection.

import * as alt from 'alt-server';
import * as http from 'http';

const RECONNECTION_ADDRESS = 'http://localhost:5599';
let caughtErrorOnce = false;

export class ReconnectHelper {
    static invoke() {

        if (!ReconnectHelper.isWindows()) {


    private static isWindows() {
        return process.platform.includes('win');

    private static sendRequest() {
        const req = http.get(RECONNECTION_ADDRESS);
        req.on('response', () => {
            alt.log(`~g~[altv-reconnect] Invoked Reconnection Successfully`);

        req.on('error', () => {
            if (caughtErrorOnce) {

            caughtErrorOnce = true;
            alt.log(`~r~[altv-reconnect] ~y~Not Currently Running`);
            alt.log(`~r~[altv-reconnect] ~y~Download Binaries from`);

Building from Scratch

Requires pyinstaller

pyinstaller --clean --name altv-reconnect --onefile --icon=main.ico src/ 


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