yman is a python script used for saving/restoring yakuake sessions (currently running commands, working directories, environment variables, tab titles)

NOTE: unless disabled when building, yakuake will display a warning about running commands from DBus once per a system session (per login).


pip install yman

To use autocomplete (supported in bash/zsh) add this line to your zshrc/bashrc:

eval "$(_YMAN_COMPLETE=bash_source yman)"

(keep bash_source for both bash and zsh)


» yman
Usage: yman [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  list     List saved sessions
  remove   Remove saved sessions
  restore  Restore saved sessions
  store    Store the currently running sessions

Saving a session:

» yman store sessionName
Storing current session as sessionName (skipping current terminal: yes)
Successfully stored current session as sessionName

Restoring a session:

» yman restore sessionName
Restoring session sessionName

Listing saved sessions:

» yman list
Saved sessions:
- sessionName
- demo

Removing a saved session:

» yman remove sessionName
Are you sure you want to remove session sessionName? [y/N]: y


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