A Raspberry Pi Pico powered Macro board, like a Streamdeck but cheaper and simpler.

What This?

This is another another mechanical keyboard type thing, this is a small 12 key macro board intended to be used for F13 to F24 but you can do whatever.

Once again This will use KMK and Circuitpython.

I do feel like the rpi pico is a bit overkill for this use, a tiny2040 will probably fit better, Ill have to see if someone has made kidcad bits for that if not Ill probably have to make them my self or whatever.

Parts List

  • 1x Raspberry Pi Pico

  • 12x Keyboard Switches

  • 12x 1N4148 Diodes (through hole)

  • 12x Keycaps

  • Macro Board PCB

  • (The board dimentions are: 109.6mm x 69.7mm)

Quick setup guide

  • Flash Circuitpython to your Raspberry Pi Pico

  • It will show up as a 1MB USB drive called "Circuitpy"

  • Download This Firmware zip

  • Extract the contents to your Raspberry Pi Pico

  • The contents of your Raspberry Pi should look like the screenshot below. The files on your pico should look like this (make sure only boot.py and code.py are the only files on your raspberry Pi as it will try to run a file called main.py instead if it exists.)

  • By default the macro board is mapped with keys F13 to F24 but you can go Here and look at what keys you can re-map with.

not all software supports the F13 to F24 keys but a couple of examples that do are OBS and BeamNG.Drive