Realtime Financial Market Data Visualization and Analysis


This repo shows my project about real-time stock data pipeline. All the code is written in PYTHON. In this project, I play with various Data Engineering frameworks to develop a financial data processing and visualization platform using Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, and Bokeh. I used Kafka for realtime stock price and market news streaming, Cassandra for historical and realtime stock data warehousing, and Bokeh for visualization on web browsers. I also wrote a web crawler to scrape companys’ financial statements and basic information from Yahoo Finance, and played with various economy data APIs.


There are currently 3 tabs in the webpage:

  • Stock: Streaming & Fundamental
    • Single stock’s candlestick plot, basic company & financial information;
    • Realtime S&P500 price during trading hours (fake date during non-trading hours)
  • Stock: Comparison
    • 2 user-selected stocks’ price, and their statstical summay and correlation
    • 5,10,30-day moving average of adjusted close price
  • Economy
    • Geomap of various economy data by state
    • 4 economy indicators nationwide for comparison
    • The most recent market news


Here is the architecture of the platform.

How Stock Data is Streamed via Kafka to Cassandra:

Please check each tab’s screenshot:

Tab 1:

Tab 2:

Tab 3:


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