Unified API of Apache Kafka and Google PubSub

1. Project Structure

+-- Modelling
|   +-- model_checkpoints
|       +-- mnist_cnn_model.h5
|   +-- plots
|       +-- loss_plot.png
|   +-- __init__.py
|   +-- data_preparation.py
|   +-- train_cnn.py
|   +-- predict_cnn.py
+-- MessageBroker
|   +-- __init__.py
|   +-- broker_interface.py
|   +-- google_pubsub_handler.py
|   +-- kafka_handler.py
|   +-- message_broker_factory.py
|   +-- kafka_config.ini
|   +-- pubsub_config.ini
+-- Queue
|   +-- log.txt
+-- DB
|   +-- db_for_app_2.txt
+-- app_1.py
+-- model_server_sub.py
+-- model_server_pub.py
+-- app_2.py

2. Cloud service configuration

2-1. Confluent Kafka

  1. In MessageBroker/kafka_config.ini,
    fill in bootstrap.servers, sasl.username, and sasl.password.

  2. Create two topics in your Kafka cluster.
    Name one as new_image_topic, another as inference_topic.

    There is a create_topic() function in each handler, which are not working yet.
    I will make an update on this soon. For now, you can creat topics by manually in the confluent console.

2-2. Google Pub/Sub

  1. In MessageBroker/pubsub_config.ini,
    fill in your project_id.

    If you are using gcloud CLI, after you set you project with gcloud config set project <Your project name>,
    project_id can be found by gcloud config get-value project.

  2. Set up Service account and Cloud IAM role.

    Go to https://console.cloud.google.com/iam-admin/ and pick “service account” tab.
    Make one and create JSON key.

    Then set a environment variable with your JSON key like below:
    export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=~/Downloads/pubsub-trial-key.json

  3. Like you did in Kafka, please make two topics.
    Name one as new_image_topic, another as inference_topic.

    In GCP console, when you make these topic, check Add a default subscription as an option.
    This will create two according subscription_id named, new_image_topic-sub and inference_topic-sub

Every thing is ready for the cloud configuration!

3. About the architecture

  1. Queue directory.

    In the log.txt file, I simulate Redis Queue and FIFO strategy.
    This is to get results queued here before sending the results to application 2.

  2. DB directory.

    In the db_for_app_2.txt file, I simulate a simple database for application 2.
    This shows that application 2 successfully pull result from model server’s publisher.

  3. BrokerInterface class is a abstract base class that makes interface for two handlers:
    KafkaHandler and PubSubHandler.

  4. MessageBrokerFactory creates instance object of either two Handler class.
    Default is set to KafkaHandler.

  5. However, no matter what Handler is created, this unified API ensures the same
    method names, parameters, and the behaviours.

Side note

  • Currently, the image recognition model is only trained with 28×28 pixel grey scale image.
    It does not support different size nor color image.


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