Roam to Logseq

The script loads a json export of a Roam graph and cleans it up for import into Logseq.

Performed actions

  1. Turn all roam queries into inline code. Works with multiple queries at arbitrary locations inside a block.
  2. Download all files stored in roam and relink them for placement in the assets folder (This will take a while, files are only downloaded once)
  3. Rename roam attributes. A given set of attributes is turned into logseq properties, all other are renamed to [[name]]:
  4. Schedule blocks with a given tag. If a block contains a given tag flagging it for scheduling, the first found date reference is added as a logseq scheduled property.
  5. Convert given task management tags to logseq task markers. Eg. #waiting becomes WAITING, or #canceled becomes CANCELED


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