This script scrapes and stores the availability of timeslots for Car Driving Test at all RTA Serivce NSW centres in the state.


  1. Account with RTA NSW where you can have passed knowledge test, hazard test etc.
  2. chrome driver executable in your PATH variable
  3. Python3 and Selenium installed
  4. Optional jq and R for creating reports from results


Clone the repo

git clone

Set your working directory to the repo

cd rta_booking_information

Copy and modify the sample settings file

cp settings_sample.json settings.json

Change the username, password, if you already have a booking and the specific centres you are looking for. If you leave the centres null all centres will be searched.

Run the script (for bash based systems e.g. mac/linux/WSL)


Run the script (for windows)


The results should be saved in the results folder. You can convert these to csv report by using the second script (requires jq,bash and R with tidyverse)

./create_status_report result_file.json

This has been tested to work in my system but there are numerous edge cases where this might fail.

  • Your account status is different to mine
  • RTA changes website.
  • RTA IT team blocks your IP
  • The website is very slow

If the website is slow and the script fails at selecting the driving test on a new booking try increasing the wait_timer.


  • For personal use only.
  • Dont break the law or cause disruption using this.
  • Using automated scripts irresponsibily can cause booking loss, disruption of services etc. be careful and know what you are doing.
  • You are responsible for your actions.


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