What does it do?

Given a location and a date, it uses the Nasa Earth API to show a photo taken by the Landsat 8 satellite. The script must be executed on the command-line.


Before using the script, you must have access to the Nasa’s API key. You can quickly get a key at https://api.nasa.gov/.
After that, save your key as an environment variable called NASA_API_KEY. Then, you are good to go.

How to use

In the same directory where the script is saved, run the following code on the command-line:

get_image.py -LAT [latitude] -LON [longitude] -DATE [date] -DIM [dimension] –info

-DATE, -DIM and –info are optional. -DATE defaults to today. -DIM defaults to 0.15.

If –info is provided, then the latitude and longitude you input are written onto the image.


If the image can not be retrieved, chances are the coordinates are in the ocean. Ocean images do not seem to be kept saved in the Landsat 8’s database.


By running the following line

you get this image

By running the following line

you get this image


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