Python Christmas Tree

A simple CLI Christmas tree made with Python.



Just clone the repository and run

$ python

More options below.


The script name is and it accepts the following syntax according to its --help:

$ python -h

usage: Python Christmas Tree by Chico Lucio from Ciencia Programada
       [-h] [-s SIZE] [-w WIDTH] [-t]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s SIZE, --size SIZE  Tree height. If even it will be subtracted 1. If less
                        than 7, considered 5. Default: 13
  -w WIDTH, --width WIDTH
                        Screen width. Used to center the tree. Default: 80
  -t, --terminal        Uses the terminal size to center the tree. -s and -w
                        will be ignored

Ctrl-C interrupts the Christmas :-(


All contributions are welcome.


Feel free to submit issues regarding:

  • recommendations
  • more examples for the README
  • enhancement requests and new useful features
  • code bugs

Pull requests

  • before starting to work on your pull request, please submit an issue first
  • fork the repo
  • clone the project to your own machine
  • commit changes to your own branch
  • push your work back up to your fork
  • submit a pull request so that your changes can be reviewed