Terminal-y Startpage


  1. Clone the repository, then make an unformatted.txt file following the specifications in example.txt.

  2. Run format.py

  3. Open index.hml in your browser to ensure that the page looks as you intended

  4. Set the page as your startpage. This process differs by browser. In firefox, go to Settings -> Home -> New Windows and Tabs -> Homepage and new windows, and set the “Custom Urls” option (above the Homepage and new windows text box). Then enter the path to index.html in the text box (ie file:///home/user/projects/startpage/index.html). I believe an extension or javascript-hacky skills are necessary for adding a startpage in Chrome.


The background image (assets/background.jpg) can be changed

The favicon image (assets/favicon.jpg) can be changed [I’d recommend making an icon and then resizing it to 8×8 or 16×16 in GIMP or whatever editor you wish]

Link color can be altered by changing a:hover in main.css

If a group of links is too long, you can manually mess with index.html to change it (but it should realistically be fine)

Other notes

Weather data with icons is a WIP, I might not end up merging it because I like the simplicity of the look right now

Also this is intended for a few long lists of links, and the font size is hardcoded. This whole project was intended to be a quick utility for me so it’s not very clean, but I figured someone might like the look and want to use it.