Halcyon stock bot

Hello! This is an example / template bot using the halcyon matrix bot library. Feel free to ask questions in the matrix chat #halcyon:blackline.xyz

Bot goals

This bot will

  1. Sit in a room, and respond with the current price of a stock when some calls the ticker. For example “Hey guys, did you see that $UVKY just spiked?”
  2. Respond with the
    • Stock name
    • Current price
    • Todays Percent change
  3. Join rooms via invite
  4. Set its status message


  1. A matrix account for the bot
  2. An free api key from IEX
  3. A place to run the bot

Bot setup

  1. Install Halcyon python3 -m pip install halcyon
  2. Create a Halcyon token python3 -m halcyon -s server.xyz -u @hstockbot:server.xyz -p "password"
  3. Save the above key, and along with your IEX key in a file called creds.json, formatted like below.

	"iex": "pk_12"
  1. Run the bot python3 bot.py
  2. Invite the bot to an unencrypted room, and give it a test

Example image


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