this is a unofficial library for making bots in rubika
using this library you can make your own0 rubika bot and control that
those bots that makes with this library, will be run on your account;
so you should get your account’s API key.
and another point is it.. you are only allowed to run the bot in one chat at a time.
so you should get chat’s GUID.


1. unix or windows system
2. python 3
3. libraries :
– pycryptodome
– requests
– urllib3
– tqdm

note: libraries automatically will be installed when you install rubika library


enter this command on your command line to install the library

pip install rubika

first introductions will be installed then rubika library


enter this example code in a file or enter line-to-line in the python3 shell:

from rubika import Bot
bot = Bot("AUTH-KEY")
target = "CHAT-ID"
bot.sendMessage(target, 'YOUR-MESSAGE')

as result your message will be sent in the target chat.


for reading more about this library, you can visit site:


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