LOGO Photo2Pixel

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photo2pixel is an algorithm converting photo into pixel art. There is an online converter photo2pixel.co . you can try different combination of pixel size and edge threshold to get the best result.

mountain 8bit style pixel art

holy temple 8bit style pixel art


  • python3
  • pytorch (for algorithm implementation)
  • pillow (for image file io)


, or you can run it with command as bellow:

# use default param
python convert.py --input ./images/example_input_mountain.jpg

# or use custom param
python convert.py --kernel_size 12 --pixel_size 12 --edge_thresh 128
Parameter Description Range Default
input input image path / ./images/example_input_mountain.jpg
output output image path / ./result.png
kernel_size larger kernel size means smooth color transition unlimited 10
pixel_size individual pixel size unlimited 16
edge_thresh the black line in edge region, lower edge threshold means more black line 0~255 100


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