An unofficial command line interface for the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System.

Make queries from the command line as in the webbrowser:

$ ads -q "author:^livingston year:2010-2022"

Common query elements are implemented as short-hands such as -y|--year,-fa|--first-author, -a|--author:

$ ads -fa jenkins -y 2020

Then fuzzy-search the results based on year, author, and title and open the selected article as PDF:

Note that entries without open-access PDFs available are dimmed.
See ads --help more information.


  1. A command-line fuzzy-finder: fzf, version 0.27 or higher
  2. An account at the astrophysics data system and an API token, stored either in ~/.ads/dev_key or in the ADS_DEV_KEY shell environment variable as per the ads python package’s instructions


The package is available on PyPI as fuzzy-ads:

 $ pip install fuzzy-ads


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