Discord Panel

Discord Panel is an AIO panel for Discord that aims to have all the needed tools related to user token interactions, as in nuking and also everything you could possibly need for raids.

To-Do List

You can contribute through Pull Requests if you wish to help me on what’s yet unfinished.


  • Interactive menu for all options

Token Tools

  • Login to account using selenium
  • Account information grabber~
  • Close all DMs
  • Mass friend remover
  • Mass friend deleter
  • Delete all possible servers
  • Leave all servers
  • Create empty servers until the limit is reached
  • Language + Light/Dark mode change spam
  • Custom status spam
  • Spam e-mail by removing e-mail and requesting verification

Raid Tools

  • Token checker
  • Mass join/leave
  • Mass react
  • Bypassing some verification bots
  • Ping spam
  • Channel spam
  • Server spam
  • Voice chat spam
  • Embed spam
  • DM spam
  • Friend request spam
  • Custom status changer
  • Nickname changer
  • Avatar changer
  • Proxy support