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An API wrapper for Before starting, make sure you’ve got an API key. The full API reference can be found on, but I’ll make a documentation for this package soon.

Get started

  • Sign-up to
  • Get your free API key from the homepage
  • Install this module : run python -m pip install convertio -U for Windows or python3 -m pip install convertio -U for Linux and Macos. you can also download it from github pip install git+

Quick start

import convertio
import time

client = convertio.Client(token="INSERT_YOUR_TOKEN_HERE")
id = client.convert_by_filename('source.txt', 'pdf')
while client.check_conversion(id).step != 'finish':
    time.sleep(1), 'result.pdf')


Version 1.0.0

This module is neither created nor managed by It represents services faithful to the API and documentation from their website. This API is not unofficial, and it can be payable if you exceed a certain usage. Notice that you must respect’s terms of use.



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