Backup & ForceSub

Automatically Forward files from groups to channel & Do force sub on members


  1. API_ID : Get from
  2. API_HASH : Get from
  3. BOT_TOKEN : Your telegram bot token from @BotFather
  4. SESSION : Generate from here GenerateStringName
  5. GROUPS : ID of Groups where the bot works (seperate by spaces)
  6. AUTO_DELETE : Give True or False. If True, all messages in groups will be deleted after 10 minutes (not tested).
  7. DB_CHANNEL : ID of the Backup Channel
  8. FSUB_CHANNEL : ID of the ForceSub Channel
  9. CHANNEL_LINK : Invite link of the ForceSub Channel

Make sure:

  • Bot is admin in Groups & ForceSub Channel
  • Account used to create SESSION is member in Groups & admin in Backup Channel

Deploy in Heroku


Deploy in your VPS

git clone
cd Backup-ForceSub
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
# <Create Variables appropriately>



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