Automating whatsapp with python

used on this project

  • pyautogui
  • pywhatkit
  • pyttsx3
  • SpeechRecognition
  • colorama
    • embedded in python
      • time
      • random
      • sys
      • webbrowser
      • sqlite3 and sqlite3 Error


I created this project to improve myself and study a little more in the subjects of python and task automation


WARNING: this program needs sqlite3 db installed to work properly.

WARNING: this program needs internet connection to work properly.

download the dependencies running this commands on your terminal

cd ./whatsapp-automation
cd ./app
cd ./dependencies
pip install -r requirements.txt

or the executing the file denpendencies.cmd or dependencies.sh when the installing processes finish download the project in the github after that open your terminal and write

cd ./whatsapp-automation
cd ./app
python app.py



  • Contacts sqlite db | features
    • view all the contacts in the list,
    • add contacts in the list,
    • delete contacts in the list
    • update contact info
  • send other types of media on whatsapp like videos, photos and more. | features
  • speech recognition | features
  • tts | features


embedded spammer features

  • embedded time counter, with voice
  • custom messages delay
  • custom messages content
  • uses pyautogui for more faster spam

encrypted message features

  • embedded Caesar cipher encryption system, with voice
  • custom messages delay
  • custom messages content
  • custom cipher key

Contacts.db crud

  • _C_reate contacts
  • _R_ead contacts
  • _U_pdate contacts
  • _D_elete contacts

speech recognition features

  • transform voice in text
  • save the text in a .txt file
  • auto save
  • english support

tts features

  • transform your text in voice
  • save the voice in a .mp3 file
  • auto save
  • various voices
  • various languages support

send images features

  • send images
  • custom delay